Jonathan and I at Arches National Park on our last hike of this road trip!  It has truly been an amazing journey and one that I will never forget, but it is time to head back home.  We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has followed us along the way and not to worry, there will be many more adventures!  We are already planning Denali!!!

See you soon…Jonathan and Amy


After leaving Zion, we headed northeast to Arches National Park.  It is truly amazing how different the landscape across southern Utah is!  Arches was more desert like, where as Zion was more lush and vibrant.  Both beautiful in their own right, as you will see below…enjoy!

Welcome to Arches National Park

The famous Delicate Arch!  And YES, the colors were that vibrant…truly amazing! Picture taken at sunset.

Navajo Arch

Ancient Native American drawings carved into the mountainside

Landscape Arch

Double “O” Arch…look close and you can see Jonathan in the lower arch.

View through Turret Arch

The Windows Arch

Another view of Delicate Arch…picture taken mid-morning

Landscape around the park

Utah landscape. Pic taken on the way to Arches.

Unique rock formations…reminded me of The Flintstones!

As you can see below, The Narrows did not disappoint!  Jonathan and I geared out early this morning and hit the trail.  If you have never hiked The Narrows, you should be aware that the trail is hiked in 60% water (as deep as waist height in some parts)…water that was 46 degrees today!  This was a hike like no other I have ever experienced, but GLAD I did…it is truly awe inspiring!  If heaven on earth does exist, I think it’s here in Zion!

WOW…this is now my favorite park! Zion is absolutely gorgeous! We made the climb up to Angles Landing and I have to admit, there were a few times I thought I was going to die on this hike, but I made it up and the views were worth it! For those of you not familiar with the hike up to Angels Landing, the last half mile is straight up the mountains peak where you only have metal chains (when available) to hold on to and NOTHING else…thus, nothing separating you from a 1500ft. fall to the valley floor. This is definitely not a hike for anyone who has a fear of heights! For those of you that have been here, you know how beautiful the views from the peak are and for those of you that may never make the climb…here are a few pics for you to enjoy! We are headed through the Zion Narrows tomorrow, so check back later in the week for more pics.

Welcome to Zion

On the climb to the top

Views from the top

We made it!

Panoramic view thanks to the iPhone iOS6 update!

More views from the top

Whew…that was a climb, but I made it back down all in one piece! Be sure to read the sign I’m standing next to!

Pic from the valley floor



Took to the Hollywood hills for my morning exercise. We’re in Los Angeles,on business this week and what better way to take in the sites than a good “urban” hike. As you will see, we hiked around the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign and took in some great views of the city. Who knew…you can actually get above the smog and polution and see the city as it should be – the City of Angels!

Overlooking the Griffith Observatory with Los Angeles in the background

Los Angeles

Memorial to the late, great Beatle George Harrison @ Griffith Observatory

View on the way up to the Hollywood sign

Anyone can take a picture of the front of the Hollywood sign, but how many get it from this close on the backside? We were so close that we set off the proximity sensor and the alarm went off…apparently this is as close as you can get “legally”.

After leaving Yosemite, Jonathan and I decided to take in more of the coast, but this time it was the California coast.  We enjoyed a beautiful weekend in Carmel and even took in some hiking at Big Sur.

Old tunnel that led you to the coastal views.